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Softdevels Managed Testing Services allow our clients to focus on their core business while benefiting from our professional, high quality, independent testing services. We can help you significantly reduce the total cost of testing while attaining measurable and repeatable quality improvements, including enabling your organization to prevent high-severity defects, grow organization QA skills, and improve time to value for your business.

Our testing services can be retained to compliment or supplement your current development capabilities. We support multiple toolsets and provide services against industry standard metrics in an SLA. We offer these services for IBM, Microsoft, and Open Source technologies aligned with your service level requirements and leveraging our global delivery capability. We offer the following testing services using a Managed Services model :

Functional Testing
  • End to End test management with high degree of quality assurance
  • Optimal resource utilization with various industry best test tools.
  • Rapid QA cycles with reusable test artefacts
Performance Testing

Softdevels’s performance testing services are designed to meet clients’ needs at any stage of the software development lifecycle in order to identify and resolve performance issues in the application. Softdevels has a substantial amount of performance testing expertise by having delivered services for diverse applications, technologies, and businesses using industry leading performance testing tools and by leveraging best practices followed in the industry.

Softdevels’s performance testing goals:
  • End-to-end transaction response time measurements
  • Measure application server components performance under various loads
  • Measure database components performance under various loads
  • Monitor system resources under various loads
  • Measure the network delay between the server and clients
  • Performance bottleneck causal analysis to identify the specific latency
  • Creating, managing and maintaining test scripts in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Test Automation

Current Approaches to Test Automation are Falling Short

As organizations adopt test automation, many are finding that it may not provide the expected improvements or returns

  • The return on investment may be minimal
  • Automation is not keeping pace with development, falling further and further behind
  • High percentage of test cases are failing due to invalid data and changing environments
  • Higher number of functional defects found in production
  • Smaller scope coverage

These are usually occurring because the test automation itself is only addressing regression testing. Other methods of testing within the quality assurance program are typically manual processes that are unable to keep pace with agile development lifecycles.

Beyond Regression: Expanding the Role of Test Automation

Softdevels recognizes that Test Automation must cover a broader range of the development lifecycle. This starts with a Shift Left approach, with a review of the architectural and business requirements for the systems under test. By analyzing the systems earlier in the development cycle, test case generation can occur earlier, potentially identifying defects before they are even coded by uncovering the architectural flaws that would cause them

Next in the development lifecycle is the introduction of Service Virtualization. Without access to the participating systems under test, Test Automation can still be used to test simulated versions of the system’s interfaces, in order to identify potential defects in the defined APIs, processing of the data, and other types of defects that might only have been identified later on in production using traditional testing methodologies.

Automated Testing Maintenance

Softdevels’ Test Automation can generate the appropriate data and testing scripts, as well as automate the execution of the tests. As development continues, the Test Automation recognizes and adapts to the development changes, generating new data and test cases to suit. This can result in a dramatic decrease in testing time, and moves the testing forward in the overall development lifecycle, resulting in earlier delivery. Testing includes:

  • Automatic data creation
  • Execution of test Automation
  • Validation of results, including back-end processing as well as front-end GUI

Prepare for DevOps and Continuous Integration

As development processes and methodologies evolve and mature into DevOps and Continuous Integration, Softdevels’ Test Automation approach has been proven to keep pace with the rapid delivery these methodologies can provide.

Softdevels’ Test Automation is a cornerstone for more advanced quality assurance programs including Test Lifecycle Automation, as well as Business Assurance. For testers, the Softdevels BA360 tool provides a comprehensive view into the entire quality assurance lifecycle. For business users, it also provides insight into the alignment of the testing with business requirements. This ensures that the tests are not only successful, but that the right tests are being executed in the first place, resulting in production systems that have fewer defects, and higher degree and confidence in the systems by the business.

Automation Tools

Softdevels utilizes a number of tools and frameworks to assist in the automation process, including:

  • Jenkins. Continuous Integration and Build Acceptance testing
  • Python and Selenium. Web application test automation
  • Appium and Keynote. Mobile application test automation framework and device platform testing
  • QTP and Worksoft. Test automation for ERP and Client Server Applications
  • IBM Rational Test Virtualization Server.Application service virtualization

Agile Testing

Have you felt that just testing your software is not enough? Do you believe that every stakeholder should have a say in software is tested and delivered? Agile testing follows the principles of agile software development. Testing will not be carried out in silos but as a continuous process that involves all cross functional teams in a real-time feedback loop, increasing go-to-market times and speeds up release cycles. Agile processes can be inserted into any testing process

  • Agile testing is not a framework but rather a set of principles or a philosophy
  • Agile introduces greater collaboration, flexibility, discipline and accountability
  • Agile focuses on individuals, teams, collaboration and change rather than on processes, tools, and documentation.
  • Instead of one monolithic exercise, Agile is an ongoing process throughout the lifecycle.

Security testing

Provides an independent baseline and validation of the overall security posture Strategic and tactical security services focused on below,

  • Risk Based Security Testing (RBST)
  • Secure Code Review (SCR)
  • Web Application Penetration Testing (WAPT)
  • Mobile Application Security Testing (MAST)

Mobility Assurance

Mobile testing ensures the quality of applications and other digital properties running on mobile devices. The dynamism, complexity and competitive nature of the mobile application space makes it imperative that publishers choose a highly responsive and well-equipped partner to ensure greatest user experience of their digital properties across all types of mobile devices.

  • Mobile testing involves all testing types (functional, performance, etc).
  • Mobile application testing involves thousands of complex parameters
  • Mobile applications see faster development iterations and hence have to be tested more frequently than at the normal application SDLC.
  • • DevOps practices become indispensable in mobile testing as you have to anticipate and stay one step ahead of changes in the market